The Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Bee is a powerful and enthusiastic speaker! she believes in delivering information to help encourage and show others who seek to find more than a temporary feeling of happiness. When one stops looking outward and begins to do the work looking from within, it is then he is on the path to controlling his destiny. If you are interested in booking Dr. Bee you can view her menu of topics, price range and more. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to be touched by a phenomenal woman who has been touched with a gift of INSPIRING THE WORLD.


The Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Maria Bee’s distinguished career and unique programs are recognized as truly life changing!  She is one of Atlanta’s top Naturopath’s, leading emotional and spiritual coach’s. Working through her own debilitating illness led her to receive an N.D. in natural health and to personally establish and design Atlanta’s Ageless Obsessions beauty and wellness center. Dr. Bee recognized that for effective healing to take place, one must apply the integration of healing through body, mind and spirit. This is accomplished by some form of mastery over the three primary chakras; earth, water, and air. Dr. Bee travels all over the world speaking to audiences about the importance of a positive mental attitude and how that connection is tied to food. At her facility, she successfully addresses the imbalances in chronically ill persons and those who aspire to prevent poor health by combining integral wellness and traditional Naturopathy principles. Dr. Bee started her career in corporate working for some of the leading firms for over ten years. She holds a B.A. in Finance and an International M.B.A. She left the corporate world when she realized her calling was to be involved in wellness and natural healthcare. She focused many years as a personal trainer of the International Sports Science Association while overhauling her career path studying Natural medicine. As a well-versed Herbalist, she completed her studies under Dr. Edward Shook’s Advance courses in Herbology. Dr. Bee also attended Georgia State University studying Neuroscience. She is also certified for spiritual counseling and has led an effective program called Emotional Alkalinity Therapy (E.A.T) for more than seven years.

Dr. Bee’s deepest discovery came, however, when she discovered she developed breast cancer.  She ventured through traditional medicine although it could not help her.  Determined to find the right answers for her condition, Dr. Bee stepped away from her career in order to focus on her own health knowing that the answer was only going to be found in wellness and natural healing.  After quietly stepping outside of her normal busy schedule for over a year, she was on a personal mission to save her own life.

Dr. Bee’s trial and error in her own health and in-depth research revealed that if you eliminate all of the toxic foods you’ve been eating and enrich your body with pure mucus-free foods, the body will have more energy and less pain.  Determined to understand even further the reconstructive benefits of detoxification, Dr. Bee experimented, studied and researched everything her energy connected with on the impact of cleansing and organ repair.  After years of her customized detoxification therapies and spiritual balancing, Dr. Bee realized a drastic improvement in her physical and mental health.  Today, she has developed a highly respected special program allowing her clients to master the elements of life. They can communicate and deeply experience peace and happiness from within on an emotional level through the use of breath, music and meditation.

Her personal enlightenment, wisdom, and extensive health expertise in total wellness led her to open her very own Private beauty and wellness health care center in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Dr. Bee realized the overwhelming need for a private, safe, peaceful place to heal and evolve.  Due to the confidential nature of her clientele, who include celebrities, politicians and CEO’s of major corporations, Dr. Bee recognizes the utmost importance in ensuring their secured privacy. Dr. Bee is a dedicated woman to her work, her family, and her friends. She has an online podcast called “the health buzz” dedicated to raising health awareness for everyone, especially people of color.


The Author

Her first book, “Own Your Power: The Keys to A Conscious Awakening” has been released on Amazon. An inspiring story of challenging moments in Dr. Bee’s life and guide to healing from within. Experiences may be very different but emotions can be very much alike. Learning how to own the power one already possesses is merely waking up and looking at the world from a completely different perspective. Her new Book “Food Slave” will be released in the Spring of 2017.







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