Okay, so you wake up one morning and finally notice the significant weight gain. The emotions that set in are panic, fear, anger, and guilt. How could this have happened? Why had you not noticed the progression? Why didn’t anyone tell you that you were picking up weight? What do you do now? Even if it feels like it happened overnight, gaining weight occurs over time, which means you ate the elephant one small spoon at a time. Therefore, if it took time to get to a bad place with your weight, it will require time to reverse the damage to your body. As a motivation to you, if you are now ready to eliminate the elephant, I want to give you some helpful tips as you begin your journey to re-discover the new YOU.


In getting started most people assume that the first step is to dive right into exercise and go on a strict diet. Wrong! In order to permanently eliminate a condition, we must first work to eliminate the mental cause, the lack of control over YOU. Most don’t know what the cause is, which is why you lack awareness in where to begin. Becoming overweight is associated with oversensitivity, loss of control from the impressions of the past that are now your present day “movie” playing over and over in your head daily, feeding fear. You feel this need for protection and you look for it through food because certain foods, although harmful, were paired with happy and safe times for you. Food became the stimulus for happiness and safety, while experiencing the illusion of fear triggers your need to eat in order to create the false sense of hope that everything is good and you are at one with the world in spite life’s difficult challenges. These memories are false illusions only triggered through a region of the brain called the hypothalamus, your reward system that is causing your steady climb in weight. All of this is fear, a mask for hidden anger and a reluctance to forgive.  To reverse this self-destructive behavior, begin every day, sometimes several times throughout the day, by saying the following words:

“I am covered by divine love. I am always safe and secure. I am ready to grow up and assume responsibility for my life. I forgive others and I now create my own life the way I want it. I am safe.”

The mental thought patterns that cause the most dis-ease, including weight gain, are criticism, anger, resentment, and guilt.


Now, let’s talk about exercise. Your reintroduction to physical workouts will depend on how much weight you have gained and the type of fitness condition you are currently in. If you have never engaged in exercise during your adult life, I suggest taking it very slow and begin with 20 minutes of brisk walking at least 4-5 days per week. If exercise is not enjoyable to you although you may know that it is needed, it is best that you do not try and dive in head first because your start will be fast but your finish will not even faster; you will not be able to sustain the momentum and you will find yourself quitting. I’m sure if you are nodding your head now you have already been there and done that more times than you can count on one hand. However, it is never too late for you. Learn to be patient with exercise, your body will give you what you want, you just need to learn how to allow the time necessary in order for it to catch to you. Exercise should be an adopted behavior for life. Learn to appreciate moving your body all the time. One of the very important keys to reversing the signs of aging is movement. You have to be willing to accept this as a part of your lifestyle as opposed to it becoming one more thing on your “to do” list.


Food should be downloaded into your brain as Focusing On Optimal Digestion. Food is unconsciously eaten with no meaning to most leaders. You work hard, you spend money on nice things but you eat like you lack awareness in what purpose food is actually playing in the level of your existence. Food is what stimulates an electrical charge that sends messengers to your brain, for it to determine how to respond to life and what orders it will give to your body. It is the source of greatness within your life. You can’t be great when you are operating among the dead, meaning eating nutritionally dense, low-vibrating foods. You can only be great when most of what you eat is among the living. Whole fruits and vegetables create powerful electrical charges within the system. They send signals to the brain that will determine how you move throughout your day. Your external confidence and determination has gotten you far but you cannot function at your powers potential and create the kind of peace from within without the right f.o.o.d. in your life. Getting rid of the body fat and retraining the body to replicate the image that brings comfort in your life will only manifest if you understand what role f.o.o.d. is supposed to play in your evolvement. Regaining control over your health cannot be accomplished without stimulating the type of electricity needed to change how your systems are communicating with each other. If overhauling the way you eat is what is required to live at a optimal level and living optimally is what you desire, the work will be received the same way you have been successful at everything else in life….adopting a necessary set of steps to obtain the outcome desired.

Life is what you make of it. If you only choose to invest the work on everything external the appearance of eating an elephant will only be a small part of the consequences. The body will wear down faster than the age you choose to no longer keep up with. The things you want to do will only be a fantasy because poor health is incapable of taking anyone to the next level in life. Taking care of the body is well beyond vanity, it is representation of the respect for the power we individually possess called spirit. Weight is interference to the connection of spirit. So the next time you look at yourself and it appears you are not taking proper care of yourself, don’t find a way to put the attention your body, the temple, is asking for on the shelf. Remember, it is connected to everything about you, especially if you are interested in taking your life to the next level.

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