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Meditational Guidance

The seed of the creator is within and he will not allow you to have a moments rest until you allow him to have his way in your life. Meditation is learning how to sit still long enough to do just that. It is sitting still holding a peaceful position long enough to allow the outside world to play itself out. Once the outside plays itself out, then your dimension of inward becomes beautiful.

If you tried watching a movie with the lights on you would not be capable of focusing on the screen but if you turn the lights on you focus on the play of light and sound, everything on the screen draws your attention and the movie begins to look attractive to you. Meditation when given its proper time becomes your movie, it becomes beautiful. If all distractions are taken away and you focus on anything, over time you can fall in love with it; a flower, an insect, anything.

The five elements of life are what the human body is made up of A.W.S.E.F., air, water, space, earth, and fire. Air is our breath, water is the fluids in our body, earth is our bones, and space is spirit. In our sessions we will focus on the four mentioned since fire is something we all need in order to cope in our human lives with the rest of the world. In meditational sessions you will learn a practice that is a form of Bhuta Shuddhi representing the balance of  these elements. Meditation saved my life, it helped me heal from cancer and it helped me find out who I really was and what my life was truly capable of becoming. I learned how to see beauty from within. You can learn how to disconnect with the body and mind through your breath and connect with the spirit. Mastering a small aspect of A.W.S.E.F. can help you reduce anxiety, anger, sadness, restore health, remove blocks that are interfering with your growth and more. There are different styles of meditation which is also a form of yoga, however this style is not a commercialized form, it is used for cleansing purposes and has a very spiritual connotation. Learn how to master the building blocks in which you were made from, learn who you really are by going inside of yourself.

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Nutritional Concierge

You may want to change your eating patterns for better health or it is mandatory for your survival. Either way, it is not an easy task, a process that will not happen over night. Over the years your brain has downloaded impressions in the form of memories. Eating patterns are explained through our family history, therefore replacing foods that are creating problems like the wear of aging, inflammation, stomach issues, and more in the body with foods that are healthier can become challenging, when most people are  subconsciously looking to experience the same emotional feeling. This is one of the top reasons why 98% of people fail at change and go right back to the same habits. This is where I come in. Me and my team can make life much easier for you by eliminating the annoyances that accompany modifying ones lifestyle. We realize that an important part of the work falls on you but we also understand the relevance of the right wise person who needs to lead you to the right pool of water. Majority of our clients don’t have that kind of  time, which is why we become an important part of your team. No matter where you are in the world, through one of my healthy living concierge programs we will help you live better.

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Transformational Coaching

Emotional Alkalinity Therapy


Health Restoration Therapy

Whether your health is completely out of order or your emotions, it means you are not in complete control of yourself. You lack control over your anger, sadness, anxiety, and fear, which prevents you from experiencing true happiness from within and you aren’t quite sure what to do. Everything that makes you happy is external; shopping, dinner with friends, traveling, getting high, drinking, sex, etc. External experiences are only temporary forms of happiness, therefore they will never last. Are you ready to stop running but you are afraid to turn around and look inside? Everyone cannot do it alone and should not have to, but who can you feel comfortable enough with to expose the darkness within you? There is nothing to feel ashamed of, we all have darkness that lies inside of us. However, if your darkness is superceding your light, you need support. My Emotional Alkalinity Therapy or health restoration coaching sessions focus on the mastery of space, which is spirit. These sessions are not designed like traditional psychotherapy sessions, sitting on a couch having a venting moment. No, they are quite the contrary, they are a private exchange of information between people that can create a surge in vibrations, which will create a shift in your life from within.  The sessions are very personal and discreet, they allow you to release old baggage and find answers that are already present within yourself. The sessions are geared to overcome fear and live life out of love.  If you don’t learn to remove the darkness from your past, present of future, it will only continue to interfere with your ability to live a full and happy life and your health will become the result of it. Pretending to be happy is not the way to go through this lifetime, you have a major purpose, it is time you learn how to live it.

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